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War Toys is a website to entertain new generations in a proper way to both develop intelligence, knowledge and exactness of youngsters in spite of stupid computer games (excepting computer chess). We have war kits, mostly belong to second world war to introduce to our children how brave were their grands and at the same time putting them in the right path of learning how to use their minds and intellects to its fullest extent to avoid planet APES! be ware of planet APES! In most of models we have tried to give some historical information about it , price and scale of the model, sometimes even the name of famous wars it was taken part in. You may use color to change the appearance of your kit and once it is made, you will have a masterpiece belong to the bravery of the past. War is horrible but at the same time unavoidable when humans are to save their borders. Learn about the past to have a bright experienced vision for the future. We included the face of 2 ingenius minds of second world war: General Pottan and Field Mareshall Erwin Romell the most respectable features of second world war and master of tactics and strategy of their own time. Hope you will have good time in our website. Wish you all best of luck and success in all aspects. Kian William Nowrouzian


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Our company has been offering kits to kids  since 1978. Our customer's satisfaction is of top priority for us. For in-depth knowledge , you are always welcome to contact us. Our agents are ready to assist you 7/24, Long live human mind.  Here are the reasons to buy from us: 1-29 days money back guaranteed 2-Safe and Secure 3-Next day shipping 4-Easy return 5-Sale price guaranteed

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